Used Bikes
The bikes shown here are ones we have cleaned up and ready to be sold!  Feel free to contact us with questions or details concerning shipping regulations.  These bikes can go fast so this page may be up to a day behind!
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For more details on the used bikes, check out our Flickr page, or feel free to stop in and check them out in person!
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  • Used Cannondale Adventure LRG $400.00
  • Trek Bodega 17.5
  • Giant Option 21.5
  • Trek Navigator 300 21
  • Diamond Back Fleet Streak 22
  • Trek MT 220 24
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  • 13430396593_2bc4ff4038_o
  • 13430397193_b28e49ea17_o
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  • 13430645504_07a9e325d2_o
  • 13430646904_cc1ecc0238_o
  • 13430648724_55c680b156_o
  • 13432460613_9498f75120_o
  • 13430278865_7696c3e128_o
  • 13430280525_c0a7c79584_o
  • 13430365115_44577d4f89_o
  • 13430365445_c969a4074c_o
  • 13430395123_cd45917a64_o

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Tip of the Week

Don't forget to air your tires before you get it out this spring.  Proper tire pressure helps your bike roll easier, ride smoothly, & help prevent flats.  Know your tire PSI.  Narrow tires need more air pressure than wide ones.

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