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Comfort and cruiser bikes are built for recreational riding, generally on bike paths, over flat terrain. Tires can be very wide and soft, as on a "beach cruiser," but are usually a smoother version of a mountain bike tire. Comfort bikes have an upright position, unlike a racing bike on which the rider is crouched to slice through the wind.


A hybrid bike is the Sport Utility Vehicle of the bicycle world. It is essentially a mountain bike with larger wheels and narrower tires. The idea is that the larger wheels and narrower tires enable you to travel more efficiently over longer distances while still being stable and worthy of the occasional jaunt on an unpaved fire road or non-technical singletrack. Hybrid bicycles are perfect if you are looking for the comfortable upright position and multiple gear selections offered by a mountain bike and the smooth efficiency of a road bike. Two other types of hybrids include the dual-sport hybrid & the fitness hybrid. If you're a causal cyclist, check out the Hybrid style bike. 

Mountain Bikes / 29ers

Mountain bikes use knobby, wide tires for better traction and stability. Many feature front suspension, shock absorbing forks on the front end to smooth out rough trails and terrain. Mountain bikes usually come with three chainrings in the front and eight or nine gears on the rear wheel, for a total of 24 or 27 speeds.  A “29er” refers to a mountain bike with a larger rim than a traditional mountain bike. The “29” refers to the approximate diameter of the entire wheel, with a tire mounted, whereas a regular mountain bike is approximately 26” in diameter.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are light, sleek and built for covering miles on smooth pavement, with surprising speed. The tires are thinner than hybrid or mountain styles. Three specific types of road bikes include Gravel Grinder Road, Cyclocross, & Randonneuring. If you haven't shopped for a road bike in a while, you will be amazed by the advances of the past decade! 

Touring Bikes

Touring bikes are variations on the road bike theme but feature mounts for racks and panniers (bags) to carry gear. Touring bikes generally use mountain-bike brakes for more stopping power and heavier frame materials to combat the stress associated with the weight of increased loads of touring with gear.


The "bicycle built for two" allows for people to go out and enjoy the ride without losing their riding partner!  Curious about a tandem?  Europa's resident tandem consultants, Russ & Cindy Dodd, are available for appointments!  Click here for frequently asked questions about tandems.


Sit back and enjoy the scenery from the comfort of a recline on wheels. Just like sitting in a lawn chair.

Trikes - Adult

Adult trikes will provide the joy of riding for those that worry about balancing a traditional bicycle.  Available in single or multi-speeds, in a variety of colors.

Trikes - Industry

Industrial trikes provide transportation of employees and equipment without the on going costs of motorized vehicle maintenance.  Less expensive than motorized vehicles & with less impact on the environment, industrial trikes are made in a number of different configurations for the industrial environment.

Kids Bikes

Introduce your children to cycling the right way, on a quality bicycle that will help them enjoy riding far into the future.


News Flash

Women's Tuesday Night Rides will begin again on April 7th! More details to come!


Tip of the Week

Air your tires often!  Road tires typically require 80 to 130 psi, mountain tires 30 to 50 psi and hybrid tires 50 to 70 psi. Confirm psi on your tire sidewall.

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