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Name: Russ Clarke
Position: Owner
Purchased Europa:
Favorite bike:
  Road Bike

Favorite type of riding: Road

Top three must have products:

1) Bell Volt Helmet

2) SRAM Red Gruppo

3) Almost anything Campagnolo

Number of bikes owned: 50 plus

Name: Mark Stevenson aka Guitar Ted

Position: Head Mechanic  

Started @ Europa: Fall 2002

Favorite bike & why: Raleigh Tamland Two- Great gravel road bike that I had some influence on the design of. 

Favorite type of riding: Long distance mountain or gravel road

Top three must have products:

1) Bell Helmets

2) Lezyne Alloy Drive Pump

3) Smartwool Glove Liners

Number of bikes owned:  20

Name: Joel Berry

Position: Sales/Mechanic /Assemblies (over 5000 since 1990)

Years @ Europa: Manager 1978-87, On call since mid-90's

Favorite bike & why: 1992 Giant Cadex Carbon Fiber Mountain bike with road tires.

Favorite type of riding: road, commuting

Top three must have products:

1) A good helmet

2) Clipless Sandals

3) Ergon Grips

Number of bikes owned: Currently 4, too many to count in the past 35 years


Name: Mark Pexa

Position: Mechanic/Ski Tech/Utility Person

Started @ Europa: March 2009

Favorite bike & why: Trek Madone 5.2 - It's my go to bike when I'm looking to light the wick!

Favorite type of riding: Commuting

Top three must have products:

1) Good helmet

2) Bright lights

3) Excellent brakes

Number of bikes owned: 6

Name: Julie Fisher

Position: Sales & Tuesday Gal's Ride Leader

Started @ Europa: Feb 2011
Favorite bike & why: Trek 1.2 - It's the only bike I ride!  I love the color!

Favorite type of riding: Long distance road, fitness, commuting

Top three must have products:

1) Bontrager helmet w/ a visor

2) sleeveless ladies' jerseys

3) floor pump

Number of bikes owned: 3


 Name: Tad Klenske

Position: Customer Service

When did you start @ Europa? March 2013

Favorite bike & why: Depends on where I'm riding

Favorite type of riding: Commuting & Trail Riding

Top three must have products:

1) Timbuktu Messenger Bag

2) Park Multi Tool

3) Salsa water bottle

Number of bikes owned: 6


Name: Keith Reynolds

Position: Mechanic & Sales

When did you start @ Europa? Spring 2010

Favorite bike & why: 5.5 Madone w/ full Dura Ace

Favorite type of riding: Road, either hammering or tandeming w/my wife Karen & two kids

Top three must have products:

1) Light & well-ventilated helmet

2) No-show socks

3) Polarized shades

Number of bikes owned: 3 (Madone 5.5, Raleigh Route 24, Trek tandem) 


Name: Todd Southworth

Position:  Sales & Receiving

Started @ Europa: April 2014

Favorite Type of Riding: Fast on the open road!
Favorite Route: Ridgeway Ave. to Dike & back
Number of Bikes Owned: 2 - a vintage Peugeot PX10LE & an Orbea Orca 

Top three must have products:

1) A well-fitting helmet (keeps my brain safe)
2) Cycling Computer (keeps me honest)
3) a mirror (keeps me safe) 


Name: Michael Jungck
Position: Sales
Started @ Europa: April 2012
Favorite bike & why: All City Space Horse because it's a versatile frame that's capable on both paved and gravel roads
Favorite type of riding: Commuting & Family/Recreational riding
Number of bikes owned: n + 1
Top three must have products:
1. Brooks B17 Select 
2. good lights
3. wide tires


Name: Penny Gerholdt
Position: Sales
Started @ Europa:
 September 2014
Favorite bike & why: Fugi Team full carbon
Favorite type of riding: Lesisure riding and mountain biking in ColoradoNumber of bikes owned: 2

Picture to come!

Name: Andy Tetmeyer
Started @ Europa:
February 2015
Favorite bike & why: Surly Karate Monkey. It's just a comfortable bike & you can do so much with it!
Favorite type of riding: I like them all but if I had to pick I would say gravel & single track!

Top three must have products:
1. helmet
2. good pair of cycling shorts
3. saddle bag

Number of bikes owned: Currently one, but soon to increase 

cindy 1


Name: Cindy Dodd

Position: Events/Special Projects (worked 23 years as the buyer)

Started @ Europa: January 1988

 Favorite bike & why: Co-Motion Co-Pilot tandem - because it got us up & down Haleakala safely as well as too many Vermont peaks!

 Favorite type of riding: Tandem - it's twice as much fun!

 Top three must have products:

 1) Winter - Bontrager hooded jersey

 2) Shimano sandals for all year around comfort (Yes, they are awesome in the winter!)

 3) Bontrager tandem wheels!

 Number of bikes owned: 3 halves of tandems, 1 half of a triple, and my trusty Trek commuter = 3 full bikes? "I like my bikes and my dogs long!"


Name: Lynn Bowers

Position: Bookkeeper - She has a knack for finances!

Started @ Europa:  May 2001



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