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Name: Russ Clarke
Position: Owner
Years @ Europa:
Favorite bike:
  Road Bike

Favorite type of riding: Road

Top three must have products:

1) Bell Volt Helmet

2) SRAM Red Gruppo

3) Almost anything Campagnolo

Number of bikes owned: 50 plus

Name: Cindy Dodd

Position: Events/Special Projects (worked 23 years as the buyer)

Years @ Europa: Started January 1988.  You do the math!

Favorite bike & why: Co-Motion Co-Pilot tandem - because it got us up & down Haleakala safely as well as too many Vermont peaks!

Favorite type of riding: Tandem - it's twice as much fun!

Top three must have products:

1) Winter - Bontrager hooded jersey

2) Shimano sandals for all year around comfort (Yes, they are awesome in the winter!)

3) Bontrager tandem wheels!

Number of bikes owned: 3 halves of tandems, 1 half of a triple, and my trusty Trek commuter = 3 full bikes? "I like my bikes and my dogs long!"



Name: Mark Stevenson aka Guitar Ted

Position: Head Mechanic / 29er Consultant

Years @ Europa: 6

Favorite bike & why: SURLY Karate Monkey29 inch wheeled single speed because big wheels rock!!

Favorite type of riding: Long distance mountain or road

Top three must have products:

1) Blackburn frame pump

2) Lake cycling shoes

3) Tifosi Sunglasses

Number of bikes owned: 18



Name: Jonathan Smith

Position: Sales

Time @ Europa: Since February of 2010

Favorite bike & why: My Surly Karate Monkey for single-track and winter commuting, and my Velo Orange Campeur for everything else.

Favorite type of riding: Commuting, Single-Track, Gravel, Recreational Riding

Must-have products:

1) NiteRider Lumina 650 Headlight

2) Planet Bike Cascadia Fenders

3) Brooks B17 Special Saddle

4) Velo Orange Grand Cru Sabot Pedals

Number of bikes owned: 8

Name: Joel Berry

Position: Sales/Mechanic /Assemblies (over 5000 since 1990)

Years @ Europa: Manager 1978-87, On call since mid-90's

Favorite bike & why: 1992 Giant Cadex Carbon Fiber Mountain bike with road tires.

Favorite type of riding: road, commuting

Top three must have products:

1) A good helmet

2) Clipless Sandals

3) Ergon Grips

Number of bikes owned: Currently 4, too many to count in the past 35 years


Name: Brett Morris

Position:  Buyer

Years @ Europa: In & out for 10 years

Favorite bike & why: My 14 year old Trek 750, because it gets me there

Favorite type of riding: ?

Top three must have products:

1) A helmet

2) Ergon Grips

3) Shark horn

Number of bikes owned: 4


Name: Mark Pexa

Position: Mechanic/Ski Tech/Utility Person

Time @ Europa: Since March of 2009

Favorite bike & why: Trek Madone 5.2 - It's my go to bike when I'm looking to light the wick!

Favorite type of riding: Commuting

Top three must have products:

1) Good helmet

2) Bright lights

3) Excellent brakes

Number of bikes owned: 6


Name: Lynn Bowers

Position: Bookkeeper - She has a knack for finances!

Years @ Europa:  7 years

Name: Julie Fisher

Position: Sales & Tuesday Gal's Ride Leader

Years @ Europa: Newbie

Favorite bike & why: Trek 1.2 - It's the only bike I ride!  I love the color!

Favorite type of riding: Long distance road, fitness, commuting

Top three must have products:

1) Bontrager helmet w/ a visor

2) sleeveless ladies' jerseys

3) floor pump

Number of bikes owned: 3

Name: Brian Bottke aka Bee-Bee

Position: Sales

Years @ Europa: 2

Favorite bike & why: Cannondale SystemSix It's the best thing that I have ridden. Smooth & Fast

Favorite type of riding: Road

Top three must have products:

1) Lazer Genesis Helmet

2) Speedplay Zero Pedals

3) Fizik Arione Saddle

Number of bikes owned: 3


Name: James Chidester

Position: Sales/Mechanic

When did you start @ Europa? December 2012

Favorite bike & why: Salsa El Mariachi

Favorite type of riding: Single Track Trails

Top three must have products:

1) Planet Bike Cascadia Fenders

2) Crank Brothers Egg Beaters Pedals

3) Bondhus Hex Wrenches

Number of bikes owned: 7


 Name: Tad Klenske

Position: Customer Service

When did you start @ Europa? March 2013

Favorite bike & why: Depends on where I'm riding

Favorite type of riding: Commuting & Trail Riding

Top three must have products:

1) Timbuktu Messenger Bag

2) Park Multi Tool

3) Salsa water bottle

Number of bikes owned: 6


Name: Keith Reynolds

Position: Mechanic & Sales

When did you start @ Europa? Spring 2010

Favorite bike & why: 5.5 Madone w/ full Dura Ace

Favorite type of riding: Road, either hammering or tandeming w/my wife Karen & two kids

Top three must have products:

1) Light & well-ventilated helmet

2) No-show socks

3) Polarized shades

Number of bikes owned: 3 (Madone 5.5, Raleigh Route 24, Trek tandem) 



News Flash

Europa will be closed on Sunday, April 20th for Easter!


Tip of the Week

Don't forget to air your tires before you get it out this spring.  Proper tire pressure helps your bike roll easier, ride smoothly, & help prevent flats.  Know your tire PSI.  Narrow tires need more air pressure than wide ones.

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